Freeze! Animals Cool Off With Frozen Treats

Robin Utrecht/AFP/Getty Images

Animals! They're just like us! They get hot, they like playing with their food. A solution? Ice pops. These animals got their paws, claws and jaws on delicious looking frozen treats. 

Here's the smile of someone who doesn't know her popsicle is about to fall of the stick. Keep licking, buddy. 

yasuyoshi chiba/afp/Getty Images

Zookeepers suspend animals' food in ice to give them a fun activity with their meal while keeping them cool. Whoever said "no one likes fish ice cream" hasn't met this bear. 

jonathan nackstrand/afp/Getty Images

Cancel my wedding cake order - I want this tiered delight instead. This panda has the right idea. 

karen bleier/afp/Getty Images

Cherry? Raspberry? Strawberry? I don't really care - I just want to know, will you share? 

luis robayo/afp/Getty Images

Slurp! Dog days of summer, made all the better. 

dennis stacey/moment/Getty Images

That's a brain freeze waiting to happen. 

Arif ali/afp/Getty Images

Want to cool your tongue and your paws all at the same time? Try a popsicle bigger than your whole body. 

emin menguarslan/anadolu agency/Getty Images

Christmas comes early for this Sumatran tiger. 

torsten blackwood/afp/Getty Images

That gnawing feeling...

the asahi shimbun/Getty Images

Okay, now that actually looks good. Waiting for that milk moustache to show up, though. 

nicolas ayer/eyeem/Getty Images

Tastes like chicken. Can you guess why?

jean-francois monier/afp/Getty Images

Think gazpacho, but colder. 

manan vatsyayana/afp/Getty Images

Ice cream, you scream, this monkey screams. 

visual china group/Getty Images

Teeny tiny pop for a teeny tiny kitty. 

peter langer/perspectives/Getty Images

TBH, put a little tequila in there and this could be me. 

robin utrecht/afp/Getty Images

Twenty apples suspended in ice a day keeps the doctor away. That's how it goes, right? 

the asahi shimbun/Getty Images